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2014 United Way Worldwide India Jammu & Kashmir Flood Recovery Fund

In the wake of unprecedented floods and landslides in India’s regions of Jammu and Kashmir, United Way Worldwide has set up a recovery fund mobilizing resources from the U.S. and around the world to support a recovery and rebuilding effort for people in the affected areas. 

The Situation

  • This is the most devastating flood in 60 years in the Jammu and Kashmir regions.
  • Prime Minister of India has declared this disaster as national-level calamity: multi-agency rescue operation has been carried out by India’s Army, Air Force, National Disaster Response Force, paramilitary forces and several government agencies have been scaled to speed up the rescue process. So far, over 230,000 people have been rescued.
  • Around 400 villages have been badly affected, and remain heavily submerged in floods; as a result, many schools have closed.
  • There is persistent fear about the spread of diarrhea, measles and other of water-borne diseases.
  • Thousands of people are taking refuge in relief camps.

For more detail, see NDTV report for latest development.

Your contribution will help United Way of India support relief, rescue and rehabilitation, as well as improve education, financial stability and health during the rebuilding period.

If you know any individuals or companies that are interested in making contributions greater than USD 2,500, please contact United Way’s International Donor Advising Giving (IDAG) team at +1-703-836-7112 x533 or email Kevin Carney, Director of IDAG.

For any other inquiries, please contact Eileen Lin, Manager of Key Stakeholder Communication.

USD-denominated checks can be mailed to:

United Way Worldwide
Attn: Finance Operation
P.O. Box 418607
Boston, MA 02241-8607

*Note: Please inform UWW of the incoming funds and indicate 2014 India Jammu & Kashmir Flood Recovery Fund.

You may also donate INR currency directly on United Way of India website:

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