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Support United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide provides options for donors interested in supporting international charitable activities or United Way’s international members. One such option is the International Support Fund (ISF) Program established to collect donations for amounts less than $5,000. The ISF Program is recommended for use in a specific region or UWW affiliate member.

International Support Funds Program:

A fund is maintained for each autonomous international United Way member organization. Contributions received by United Way Worldwide are placed in the fund. Donors request that their gift(s) be sent to a specific member organization or geographic area, where a member is registered to do business. Member funds are then distributed to international member organizations in good standing for their general charitable activities. You may select your “Country of Choice” in the drop down window, presented at the bottom of this page. Distributions are made on a quarterly basis for all funds with a balance greater than $1,000. The distribution will be made the month following the close of the quarter. If the balance in a fund does not exceed $1,000 over the course of a year, a single disbursement will be made after the 4th quarter. All distributions of funds will be charged a 10 percent management and processing fee.  Funds will be provided pursuant to a grant agreement with report back requirements and audit rights to ensure legal compliance with applicable IRS international grant making rules.

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